How are the logs cut?

Typically, our logs range between 6 to 10 inches in length; but can be cut and split to a specific size upon request.

Size IS important – especially if you have a small wood burner so make sure you get a guaranteed size.

What about delivery?

We don’t charge for deliveries within 10 miles of Cheddar. Further afield will result in a small fuel charge which we can agree prior to delivery

How are the logs left

The logs are brought to you loose on the back of a truck and tipped off as close as possible to where you need them.

We welcome any inspection before unloading to satisfy yourself as to their size, dryness and quality.

If you would like the logs stacked, then this can be arranged and a small fee will be applied.

What about the wood?

Our logs are 100% hardwood, sourced locally from FSC controlled suppliers and are taken from trees such as Oak, Ash, Silver Birch, Cherry, Beech, Apple; they are left to dry and ‘season’ for around eighteen months, initially out in the sun and then stacked in barns

What’s the price?

1 cubic metre £150
2 cubic metres £290
3 cubic metres £430



Kiln dried logs are artificially dried in large ‘ovens’, an expensive process which is reflected in the price.  If wood is properly seasoned, there is no real benefit to kiln dried over naturally dried wood.


 Soft wood is less expensive than hard, but if not seasoned properly it will hiss and spit.  If it IS seasoned, it will generally burn very quickly and not produce much heat therefore requiring you to constantly add more logs and get through your pile more quickly!


Burning soft wood contributes a great deal towards tarry deposits in the chimney flue, meaning you will need to have it cleaned more regularly and if not may lead to chimney fires.


The term “moisture content” is often mentioned and ideally this should be below 20%.

We hope you find this helpful. As always, if you still have questions or concerns, we would be delighted to discuss these over the phone or by email with you.